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5 stars

This podcast is amazing! Filled with brilliant wisdom, advice and life lessons from many successful people! 5 stars

Hands down, favorite podcast 👏🏼

I recommend this podcast to everyone! There’s something valuable in every episode. Thanks Josh Kopel for the incredible show!

Life changing

I come back to this podcast constantly when I need a boost on literally any subject. Or I am confused with life, this podcast lays everything out emotionally.


This is my go to pick me up and set my feet back on the ground podcast. It gives me real tangible advice about how to make whatever seems impossible possible.

5 stars

This podcast is amazing! Filled with brilliant wisdom, advice and life lessons from many successful people! 5 stars


Josh Kopel is the best coach, thank you thank you thank you!!

Great podcast

Me as being a young restaurateur can really appreciate this content and insight. Great job. #maverickconsultants #bunosfood

Hands down, favorite podcast 👏🏼

I recommend this podcast to everyone! There’s something valuable in every episode. Thanks Josh Kopel for the incredible show!

Simply thank you!!

Thank you 👍🏾

My favorite podcast!

Honestly thank you for being yourself and for doing this podcast! So much love!

Impressive !!

Josh and his guests look to deliver a fun, engaging, and helpful conversation that transforms individuals thought process, giving the instructions to success.

Can't get enough

I love every minute. Thank you for each and every episode!👍🏻

Thoughtful and timely discussion!

Thoughtful, interesting and really unexpected in all the good ways. Makes me think about how food is connected to everything in new ways. I would expect nothing less from Josh.👏🏼

Truly outstanding podcast!!!

Great interviews with people that you normally may not hear from.


Best wine podcast out there.

Funny and informative

Loving this show!!! Lots of variety and interesting

You’ll have fun and learn something too!

I listen to a lot of podcasts but this one just lifts my spirits

Awesome show !! Love, love

You guys are THE GREATEST. I wish there were hundreds and hundreds of episodes!

Love this podcast!

It’s entertaining and inspiring and is great to listen to while in the kitchen.


I am just listening to the first episode right this second and I already love it..

❤️ I love this Podcast!

This podcast is amazing! It helps me see other people’s perspectives and opinions, and I love that.

Love this Podast!

Thanks for this- enjoyable and informative

MUST for Foodies

LOVE this podcast. Information is presented in a captivating way.. absolute must for all food lovers

One of my most favorite Podcast

I listen to a lot of podcasts but this one just lifts my spirits


Such a joy to listen!

This Is Essential!

Excellent as always. Josh is informative, dedicated, and insightful. He allows us listeners to visualize the art and science of this important industry. Highly recommended!!

Hospitality genius!

Hey josh, I’ve really been enjoying your podcasts. It’s awesome you are looking to the future of the hospitality industry in innovative and creative ways talking with chefs and entrepreneurs offering their insight, experiences, and goals to keep us alive and kickin’! 💯

If you love food

Amazing behind the scenes for any foodie who wants to learn more about the industry. Becareful you will be hungry

Smart + Practical

Fantastic content that covers so much more than good food and restaurant life (business leadership, strategy and planning, personal growth and values, etc). One of the best things to come out of COVID-19.

Great insight into the evolving restaurant business

This is an entertaining and interesting podcast featuring conversations between restaurateurs. These people know the business inside and out, and it’s fun hearing their stories from the past and listen to them discuss how the pandemic will completely change this industry forever. A must-listen for …

Josh Kopel Rocks In This Behind The Scenes Podcast!!

You don’t have to be in the restaurant industry to enjoy this fantastic and engaging podcast with entrepreneur extraordinaire Josh Kopel. This guy started his adventure at the bottom and worked his way to the top, so he knows just what to ask his guests. You will be entertained the whole time!! Wor…

Great insight!

Excelent podcast -- Josh Kopel knows what he's doing. Listen in for top insights.

If you like restaurants/food...

Found this to be a great ‘inside baseball’ look into restaurant industry. Curious who will be featured on upcoming episodes as this podcast seems to have awesome guests.

Interesting Podcast

Funny and insightful, I like to listen while cooking.

A great inside look at the industry

It’s like a DVD commentary of the restaurant industry. It’s my new favorite listen.

Relevant and actionable

Really impressed and encouraged after listening to my first episode. Some great questions were fielded to an industry leader that changed how I think about my business. Thanks for putting this together!

Fun and informative

Really enjoyed the first couple episodes and can’t wait to hear more. I like to think myself a foodie and love eating out. Found this to be a great opportunity to learn more about the restaurant industry!

Great for foodies as well!

I'm not a restauranteur but I'm loving the insights this podcast is providing. If you ever wanted to learn what really goes on behind the scenes of any great dining experience, check this cast out!

Helpful voice

This was a much needed voice to hear during these difficult times. We will take care of our own and we will move forward.

A must for anyone in the restaurant or hospitality industry

FullComp is an absolute must-listen if you own, manage, or work in the restaurant or hospitality industry.

Amazing podcast!

Provides unique insight and background - highly recommended

Love this!

Amazing podcast! Looking forward to see what’s coming up.

An Awesome Touch of Realness!

This podcast is not only genius, but awesome! Interviewer Josh, a restaurant owner himself, sheds light on the perspective of restaurants by interviewing those in the industry that have “done it themselves”, offering amazing insight. It seems as these guest are holding nothing back. After listening…

Highly recommend

I like the Josh’s direct and enthusiastic tone. Great guests so far and looking forward to more

Secret look into what REALLY goes on in the restaurant world

Love Josh Kopel’s new podcast! As the owner of one of LA’s hottest restaurants, he is particularly suited to “serve” the restauranteur community in navigating our new normal. But you don’t need to be a restaurant owner to love this just need to be someone who cares what the industry i…

Great Host, Great Guests!

This isn’t the podcast you listen to for cheesy one liners—this guy is a legit host that’s having intelligent and deep conversation with some truly remarkable hospitality industry leaders.

Very inspiring!

It is so refreshing to listen to fellow members of the hospitality industry give amazing insight and advice on our industry! I love hearing first hand information from true entrepreneurs who truly love this wonderful profession we have chosen! Well done!

We needed this!

This is a great idea for the hospitality industry. Really glad someone thought of this. The interviews are inspiring to hear other folks in the business that have built up their careers and it’s not too long. I went for a walk and listened to Erik from Tender Greens and so far that’s the best walk …