Aug. 4, 2020

The Billion Dollar Coach: Executive Coach Josh Holtzman + David Kaplan, Death & Co.

The Billion Dollar Coach: Executive Coach Josh Holtzman + David Kaplan, Death & Co.

I’m going to let you in on a big secret. Many of the successful entrepreneurs I know are all following the same playbook. The book is called Traction and the strategy is called EOS, the entrepreneurial operating system. It’s like rocket fuel for your business. Don’t believe me? I don’t blame you. That’s why I brought in the experts.

Today we’re having a discussion with executive coach, Josh Holtzman and his client and famed Hospitality magnate Dave Kaplan of Death & Co.

The total earnings of the companies Josh coaches equates to ONE BILLION DOLLARS in revenue.

How does he do it? What creates that level of growth? It’s all covered in todays conversation.

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  • For Josh H, there’s nothing more fulfilling than to work with more leaders
  • Works with 25 companies in LA
  • Industry agnostic. EOS is for growth-orientated organizations
  • Josh K implemented EOS in his own restaurant
  • Solved foundational issues in his own organization
  • The benefits of EOS
  • EOS puts operating systems and tools together in a cohesive system
  • Makes transforming your business more actionable
  • Death & Co examples
  • The aim of EOS
  • Gino would be the first to say he didn’t create the concepts
  • He curated them
  • Helping business owners get in control and master their businesses
  • Foundations of the EOS model
  • Entrepreneurs wrestle with 136 issues at any one time
  • Tackling 6 things can help to solve the 136 issues
  • 6 things to focus on in business
  • Mistakes Josh K made in his restaurant business
  • Some things were not aligned with the vision
  • Brought in a sommelier and invested in a $25k sustainable wine list
  • Was not helpful to the business
  • Having a vision constantly in mind and living the core values helps to focus efforts
  • The importance of core values
  • Death & Co raised 2.7 million on a crowdfunding platform
  • Found EOS during this pivotal moment
  • Had the leadership read the book
  • Met Josh Holtzman and hired him as a professional guide to fully implement EOS
  • Operational and organizational void in the hospitality industry
  • It is spoken about as if hospitality is completely unique to the other businesses of the world
  • That’s not true at all
  • Three areas of issues
  • How does EOS work in the midst of a pandemic
  • Pivoting during the pandemic
  • Focussed on social media outreach
  • Offered experiences via their retail
  • Supporting staff during the pandemic (Death & Co)
  • Free mental health for all staff
  • Daily newsletter for all staff
  • Staff relief fund
  • Death & Co created a reopening playbook
  • They shared this with others in the industry
  • Transparency is a key part of their company ethos
  • Business doesn’t have to be this hard
  • Business owners struggle with so much