Aug. 11, 2020

Where are the Jobs?: Brad Metzger + Jacqui Leanza of BMRS Hospitality Recruitment

Where are the Jobs?: Brad Metzger + Jacqui Leanza of BMRS Hospitality Recruitment

I know what the data says, but what’s really going on behind the scenes? Is anyone hiring right now? Is anyone using this as on opportunity for expansion?

Few can offer more insight than Brad and Jacqui from BMRS Hospitality Recruitment. They have been placing the best people with the best restaurants for almost two decades now.

Today we take a glimpse into the present and future of the hospitality job market.

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  • Opening BMRS Hospitality
  • The niche of BMRS
  • Candidates are long term relationships
  • Initial reactions to the pandemic
  • Changes in the industry
  • Street dining is possible
  • Alcohol off-licensing possible
  • Important restaurants are closing
  • How restaurants are coping
  • Some pivoting to takeout
  • Some pivoting to patio dining
  • Some are just getting by
  • Staying in business to keep undocumented workers employed
  • Rent is a big determining factor
  • Many restaurants could stay in hibernation if rent were removed
  • Stalling date for a later date would land restaurants in insolvable debt
  • Some companies are renegotiating
  • There will be more real estate available post-pandemic
  • Change the financial landscape for restaurateurs
  • Candidates are reflecting
  • Remaining positive
  • 100 positions in March reduced to 10
  • There are jobs available
  • Recruitment is a buyer’s market
  • There are opportunities to work for amazing restaurants
  • Talent pool is larger than it has ever been
  • Many jobs will open all at once when the restaurants reopen
  • LA Chef’s conference
  • LA Times opened the Food Bowl
  • Connected with them to do an industry event in 2019 - Labor Crisis Summit
  • 100s restaurateurs attended
  • Gained a lot of press
  • Conference was intended to happen in March 2020
  • Big chefs and restaurateurs attending
  • Open Table sponsoring
  • Intended to be a food festival and conference
  • Had to be postponed to 2021
  • Advice to candidates
  • Network
  • There may not be a position but building relationships is worth it
  • Utilize LinkedIn and job boards
  • Spruce up your resume
  • Get aggressive
  • Go the extra mile to be noticed
  • Write personalized cover letters
  • Present your resume beautifully
  • Clients are always willing to meet great talent
  • Josh has hired people he doesn’t have a position for
  • Reevaluating the team
  • Labor costs are skyrocketing
  • Restaurateurs will be more discerning with who they hire